Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thriller Visions: Publicity and Promotional Materials

While Thriller was not the first show to bring Boris Karloff to the small screen, it was responsible for bringing him to the comic spinner racks in the early 60s. What launched as Boris Karloff's Thriller in 1962 was renamed Boris Karloff's Tales of Mystery after two issues. The comic ran through 1980 (you can check out almost all of the beautiful Gold Key covers here, and several of George Wilson's original cover paintings over at Monster Brains).

What follows is a selection of Thriller publicity stills.

Robert Arthur

"The Big Blackout"

"Child's Play"

"The Devil's Ticket"

"A Good Imagination"

"The Guilty Men"

"Man in a Cage"

"Man in the Middle"

"Mark of the Hand"

"The Incredible Dr. Markesan"

"The Merriweather File"

"The Ordeal of Dr. Cordell"

"Papa Benjamin"

"Parasite Mansion"
"The Poisoner"

"Trio For Terror"

"The Twisted Image"

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