Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Good-Looking Gents of Thriller

As a companion piece to the Lovely Ladies of Thriller, John's wife Vonna felt it was only fair that the men have their day in the sun as well. So she put together the following selection of the Good-Looking Gents of Thriller.

Your Host, Boris Karloff

Henry Daniell starred in 5 episodes of Thriller including
"The Grim Reaper", "The Cheaters" and "Well of Doom"

David Frankham "The Prisoner in the Mirror" was just one of his 4 episodes

Kevin Hagen from "Flowers of Evil" and "Fingers of Fear"

Alexander Davion from "The Prediction"

Alan Napier (before the days of Batman) appeared in 3 episodes of Thriller -
"Dark Legacy", "The Purple Room", and "Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook"

George Grizzard as Merle Jenkins in "The Twisted Image"

and also from "The Twisted Image", Leslie Nielsen

Richard Chamberlain "The Watcher"

Ron Ely "Waxworks"

Larry Pennell "Late Date"

Alejandro Rey "Guillotine" & "La Strega"

William Shatner "The Hungry Glass" & "The Grim Reaper"


  1. What, no Abraham Sofaer? This is an outrage!
    Does seem someone has a thing for young Dr. Kildare...

    1. I agree, Rockfish. Also MIA: Jay C. Flippen, Frank Silvera, Eduardo Ciannelli, Paul Newlan, Elisha (I mean, c'mon, guys) freakin' Cook, Jack Weston and Cyril Delavanti. That's a half a GQ summer edition right there!

  2. Brandon de Wilde (Pigeons from Hell)or Dick York or MacDonald Carey?

    Great display, nonetheless.

  3. Nice! Well done, Vonna. Wait. Let me scroll back up....very nice! Now ATAD blog is a complete resource.

    Your adoring fans seem to be clamoring for more. Perhaps Gents Part 2 is in order. (I don't know about Dick York, but Russell Johnson deserves a spot.)

    Cute pictures of Boris.

  4. The first photo of Alejandro Rey is actually John Drew Barrymore.


  5. It's about time. This blog needed less of a straight boy point of view.

    Nevertheless, I'm grateful for it. It was wonderful to rediscover THRILLER with each episode in chronological order on Me-TV, and it was great to read and write about it here. Thanks, guys!

  6. I can't believe you left out both John Newland [i]and[/i] Antoinette Bower from the ladies' list. Murray Matheson probably deserves inclusion over Alan Napier as well.

  7. I don't know about how GOOD his looks would be called, but it's very hard to take your eyes of Rex Holman in GIRL WITH A SECRET.

  8. Ed Nelson deserves a mention. He was in a few episodes, if memory serves, usually in more character than leading man parts,

    Robert Lansing starred in just one Thriller but it a fun one (The Fatal Impulse), in which Nelson had a small, thankless role. This one also featured another Roger Corman veteran, Antony Carbone.

    Richard Anderson was a handsome fellow in his youth, if a bit officious and a tad prissy in his delivery.

    Harry Townes was if nothing else dapper and refined if not an adonis; and visually, facially I mean, he seems the perfect Thriller actor.

    Sean McClory was a nice looking fellow.