Friday, November 12, 2010

Thriller Season 2 Wrap-Up

It's not over yet! Over the next two days, we still have a few more things to share. Be on the lookout for one last Thriller Three-Way interview that we'll be posting. And before we share the results of your Thriller favorites votes, we're going to host a little online soirée during which we'll announce those results live.

We hope you can join us this Saturday, 11/13, between 1pm-2pm PST (4pm-5pm EST) when we will be hosting a live, online chat to celebrate the completion of A Thriller A Day. We look forward to the chance to talk some more Thriller, as well as getting your feedback on our future plans. A link will be posted on the blog shortly before the start time.

Now to the matter at hand. Before we get to our Season 2 (and all-time) Thriller picks, we thought we should refresh everyone on our picks from Season 1.

Top Ten First Season Shows

  1. The Grim Reaper
  2. The Well of Doom
  3. The Cheaters
  4. Late Date
  5. The Terror in Teakwood
  6. Dark Legacy
  7. The Devil's Ticket
  8. Parasite Mansion
  9. The Guilty Men
  10. A Good Imagination
  1. The Grim Reaper
  2. Terror in Teakwood
  3. The Cheaters
  4. The Hungry Glass
  5. Well of Doom
  6. Devil's Ticket
  7. Purple Room
  8. Parasite Mansion
  9. Dark Legacy
  10. Late Date

Top Ten Second Season Shows

  1. La Strega
  2. The Incredible Doctor Markesan
  3. Guillotine
  4. The Storm
  5. The Weird Tailor
  6. The Lethal Ladies
  7. The Remarkable Mrs. Hawk
  8. The Last of the Sommervilles
  9. Til Death Do Us Part
  10. The Bride Who Died Twice
  1. The Incredible Doctor Markesan
  2. La Strega
  3. The Weird Tailor
  4. A Wig for Miss Devore
  5. God Grante That She Lye Stille
  6. Portrait Without A Face
  7. The Closed Cabinet
  8. A Third for Pinochle
  9. Cousin Tundifer
  10. The Return of Andrew Bentley

Best Actor: Boris Karloff in "The Incredible Doctor Markesan" (Peter and John)

Best Actress: Jeanette Nolan in "La Strega" (Peter and John)

Thriller Complete Series Top Ten

  1. The Grim Reaper
  2. La Strega
  3. The Incredible Doctor Markesan
  4. Well of Doom
  5. The Cheaters
  6. Guillotine
  7. The Storm
  8. Late Date
  9. The Weird Tailor
  10. Dark Legacy
  1. The Grim Reaper
  2. The Incredible Doctor Markesan
  3. Terror in Teakwood
  4. La Strega
  5. The Weird Tailor
  6. The Cheaters
  7. The Hungry Glass
  8. A Wig for Miss Devore
  9. God Grante That She Lye Stille
  10. Well of Doom
Bring on your comments! Let us know how your top ten differed from ours, both here and in our get-together tomorrow. Remember to watch the blog for the link to our live chat!


    1. Best Episodes
      (in chronological order for first 6)

      The Cheaters
      The Hungry Glass
      Pigeons from Hell
      Dialogues with Death
      The Incredible Dr. Markesan

      5 runners up...
      The Storm
      The Extra Passenger
      The Grim Reaper
      The Last of the Somervilles
      Late Date

      Best Actress Tie...
      Elizabeth Montgomery & Jeanette Nolan

      Best Actor 4 Way Tie...
      Karloff/Anderson/ William Shatner/ George Macready

    2. Season two produced some great episodes, but still felt much weaker than season one. I attribute this inferiority due to season one's sense of starting off slow and unfocused, then finding it's style and closing very strongly. Season two was hit or miss and the home stretch was particularly weak.

      My top ten Season Two episodes are.

      1. The Incredible Dr. Markesan
      2. The Weird Tailor
      3. Masquerade
      4. La Strega
      5. The Remarkable Mrs. Hawk
      6. Waxworks
      7. Guillotine
      8. A Wig for Miss DeVore
      9. Dialogues With Death
      10. The Storm

    3. Hynek-

      Just wanted to take this chance to thank you very much for your very informed comments through the entire Thriller series blog. I hope you'll check in with all our other blogs and let us know how we're doing there as well.

    4. Great list, Hynek. I agree with most of your choices. The Storm a way underrated "psychological horror". For those with a taste for such lady in distress-blood and thunder tales it's damn near as good as it gets.

      I also like Dialogues With Death, the first couple of entries especially. The actors were first rate. I'd like to see more like this today: offbeat tales, each cut from a somewhat different bolt of cloth, sharing common theme.

      The Weird Tailor was daring in being so offbeat; and it featured a superb lead performance from Henry Jones, an actor who could submerge his actual character in a character he was playing.

      La Strega was nicely made and well acted, if somewhat too predictable. Doktor Markesan is beyond praise, as I see it.

      Masquerade was a Thriller that made me laugh, and it's always good to see the Psycho house looking as it did when Hitchcock made the movie.

      Waxworks: tour de force. It falls short of true greatness due to I suppose an over-familiar theme; with the wax figures and all. Great use of the Uni city streets. Oscar Homolka sold his character, Martin Koslek did same for his. Antoinette Bower was beautiful.