Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thriller: The Complete Series for only $55.99!

If you thought the $75 deal from DeepDiscount a few weeks back couldn't be beat, Amazon has trounced that today only!

If you've held off on ordering, don't wait any longer as the DVD set is Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day for only $55.99!

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    John Kenneth Muir has name-checked the THRILLER "brick."

    For the record, the original LA TIMES article that was ported to is available HERE:,0,2934239.story

    THRILLER has a Facebook page! Does anybody care? (NO!)

    Stephen Ledger of the New Jersey STAR-LEDGER came up with a great way to describe THRILLER to neophytes:

    "It was a black-and-white TV anthology show that drew on spooky fiction by masters of the genre — but it wasn’t THE TWILIGHT ZONE. It was hosted by a Hollywood icon, featuring stories with tricky twists in the tale — but it wasn’t ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS. It ran for an hour, and gave early breaks to young stars and steady work to Hollywood veterans — but it wasn’t THE OUTER LIMITS ..."

    An ED PLATT tribute site? I hadn't heard of it, either! (Lots of frame grabs, including Ed's rare romantic / makeout scenes!)

    Want to know a bunch more about Robert Arthur?

    Not a bad "fake interview" with Karloff from the THRILLER era, from Lawrence French's "Supernal Dreams" column:

    Boris Karloff ACTION FIGURE (beware if you might be upset by the idea of King Karloff, naked):

    All THRILLER, all the time.